Posted on Jan 11, 2018 in Spanish Dogs

Lucas is a beautiful young Galgo X and is approx 11 months old. His owners didn’t want him anymore and kept him shut in a bathroom for days on end. They were going to take him to a kill shelter, but luckily he was rescued. He was a very depressed dog when he came into rescue, but just look at him now! He is the most adorable, sweet-natured and loving of dogs Lucas is currently in foster in Spain, but can easily travel to the UK for ADOPTION

If you would like to find out more about Lucas please use the contact page, or send a message to Maria Gloria Salinas-picon, Corina Maas, or Karen Couzens on the “Rescue Group for Spanish Animals” facebook page.

Alternatively, you can contact Denise on 07790 473 257 between 10am and 5pm only.