Zipe and Zape

Posted on Jun 21, 2016 in Spanish Dogs

Zipe and Zape are two young pups who were rescued in April from the streets in southern Spain.   These two young brothers had been beaten and starved and were in an emaciated state.   They seem to be Galgo/Podenco crosses with perhaps a touch of German Shepherd.   Their “owner” planned to kill the smaller of the dogs and then let the other one loose to track and kill it.   The neighbours saw the pups wandering and managed to get them before he did them any more harm.

They were subsequently taken into rescue.

These beautiful pups are now approx 7 months old.   They are happy and healthy and are looking for loving forever homes.

If you would like to find out more about Zipe or Zape please use the contact page, or send a message to Maria Gloria Salinas-picon on the “Rescue Group for Spanish Animals” facebook page.

Alternatively, you can contact Denise on 07790 473 257 between 10am and 5pm only.

Zipe and Zape when they were rescued from their cruel owner:

Zipe and Zape on their way to rescue:

Zipe and Zape now happy and healthy: