Posted on Apr 28, 2014 in Success Stories

Beautiful, brindle Daisy came from a stray pound in England where she was described as being a Lurcher, but we think she is more like a Boxer/Staffordshire Bull Terrier.   She is quite a big girl, but walks well on the lead.   She is approximately 2 years old and is extremely friendly.   She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle into people, she is also good with other dogs and appears to be very calm and happy around children of all ages.      Daisy is such a brilliant dog that it is very difficult to understand why she remained unclaimed in a southern pound.

Daisy has obviously had some training.   She will give a paw, will sit for a biscuit without being asked and will lie down on command.   She will stand or sit onlead and wait patiently to cross a road, and will remain by your side while you chat to someone, without straining on the lead.   She has recently been visiting a home with 4 Greyhounds and a Staffie X and has mixed offlead with the resident dogs for 5 or 6 hrs at a time without any problem.

Daisy LOVES running after tennis balls and will bring the ball straight back to you every time.    With a wee bit of persuasion (treat) she will drop it for you to throw again – it wouldn’t take much effort to perfect this.   Tennis balls are her favourite thing!!   She is a fun loving girl!

Beautiful Daisy is now living happily in her forever home.   The lucky girl has a new sister who looks just like her! and a  wee Terrier brother to play with.