5 Galgo puppies looking for homes

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 in Success Stories

These 5 beautiful pups were born inside a derelict building in Spain.   Their mum, Gala cared for them so well.   She would go and beg for food at restaurants where she thought the people were friendly and a barman saved her food every day.   These people asked the rescue for help, but they did not know where the pups were hidden, so Gala could not be rescued or the pups would die.   Finally, the hideout was found and they were all immediately transported to the safety of a residence.   The pups have inherited the lovely, caring nature of their mother.

Gala is being adopted in the UK, but her pups are still looking for homes.   They will be able to travel to the UK/Europe for adoption soon.

If you would like to enquire about adopting one of the pups, please use the contact page, or send a message to Maria Gloria Salinas-picon on the “Rescue Group for Spanish Animals” facebook page.

Alternatively, you can contact Denise on 07790 473 257

A few photos of Gala’s pups, now approximately 4 months old