Posted on Jan 15, 2013 in Success Stories

Honey is a beautiful  4.5 yr old Greyhound.   She is in a foster home at present with 2 other Greyhounds and a Saluki X, where she is doing really well.    She  is housetrained.   Honey is an extremely affectionate  girl and often follows her foster carers about with her wee tail wagging and teeth chattering.   If you let her, she would happily cuddle up to you all day.   Honey loves being brushed and showered  (if the water is warm!).   She is also a very clever  girl and has learned to sit for a treat.   She is good on the lead, but can get quite excited when she sees dogs running about, simply because she wants to join in the fun.   She seems to enjoy being with other dogs and we think she might be happy in a home with another dog for company.

Her fosterers say she will make a cracking pet for someone!

Honey comes complete with her own wardrobe of two raincoats, a pretty purple Kitsch collar and purple fleece jammies for those cold nights.    Honey really loves her jammies!