Posted on Sep 22, 2015 in Success Stories

This sweet boy is Rupert, a Labrador X, abandoned by his owners and found living on the streets in Huelva – a very dangerous place to be.   He was skin and bones, lonely and afraid.   Someone had kindly put down food and water for him, but others were kicking him and chasing him away.   They wanted the police to take him to the pound where he would be destroyed.

Rupert is a very loving boy, around 2 years old.   He has obviously been someone’s pet at one time because he is so willing to obey and is desperate for love and attention, despite all of the abuse he has suffered.   Black dogs are not popular in Spain, so he has very little chance of being adopted there.   He is available for adoption in the UK/Europe.

If you would like to find out more about sweet Rupert, please use the contact page, or send a message to Maria Gloria Salinas-picon on the “Rescue Group for Spanish Animals” facebook page.

Alternatively, you can contact Denise on 07790 473 257