Sammy Lurcher

Posted on Feb 17, 2017 in Success Stories

Sammy is a lovely Lurcher boy and is 9 years young.   He is currently living with his owner.   Sammy is very fit and very well-trained.   He is a true couch potato and loves nothing better than snuggles.

Sammy is good with children and other dogs, but could not live with cats.   He is up to date with his worming and vaccinations, but needs to be neutered.   Royalheart Greyhound Rescue will pay for him to be neutered and microchipped.

Sammy’s owner loves him dearly, but due to long working hours thinks it would be better for him to be in a home where someone was there most of the time.   Sammy had an elderly Lurcher companion who passed away, so now he is home alone a lot of the time..

Sammy’s owner wants a home where Sammy has company most of the time and goes for lots of good walks.    Sammy is looking for a home where he will always live indoors.   We do not rehome any of our dogs to live in kennels.

If you would like to find out more about Sammy please get in touch with us by using the contact page.   You can also enquire about any of our dogs by phoning 07740 099 893 or 01475 540 115 any time between 10am and 6pm only.