Posted on Oct 20, 2015 in Success Stories

Samson is a stunning Lurcher boy and is around 3 years old.   Before he came into rescue he was kept in a cellar with three female dogs, so did not have a very happy start in life.   At the kennels Samson walks well with another Lurcher, Judy, and is fine walking by other dogs in the kennels.   Outside of the kennels he is fine with some dogs, but can be unsettled around others.  He can be worried by sudden noises outside.

Samson can also be worried by strangers, but it does not take him very long to warm up to people.    He very quickly grew to love all the kennel volunteers and is now very excited to see them.   One of our volunteers usually takes Samson home once a week to stay overnight, and she says that when he is in her home he is very relaxed and only wants lots of cuddles and belly rubs and to sit very closely beside her.

Samson may be able to live with a very calm dog subject to successful introductions.   We do not think that Samson could live with cats, rabbits or other small furries.

Samson has been fine around children he has met outside, but because of his insecurities we feel he would be happier in a quieter home without too much going on around him.   Therefore, we are looking for an adult only home for this boy.

Samson needs that special someone who is willing to spend time getting to know him and help him feel very secure, confident and loved.   In return, we believe Samson will repay that kindness and understanding by becoming a wonderful, affectionate and loyal companion for life.

If you would like to find out more about Samson please get in touch with us by using the contact page.   You can also enquire about any of our dogs by phoning 07740 099 893 or 01475 540 115 any time between 10am and 6pm only.