About Us

RoyalHeart Greyhound Rescue was formed by Rachel Anderson and Eddie Cassie in January 2009. Rachel and Eddie have over 56 years experience rescuing Greyhounds, They have spent the last 6 years helping two of Scotland’s rescues but the time had come to move on and RoyalHeart was born. All the homeless hounds are cared for by Eddie and Rachel at their home, they also have in place an excellent support network of good friends. RoyalHeart is also pleased by the professional support and services given by all the staff and Vets at Kilbarchan Vet Practice. Our volunteers give their time freely and any amount of time that they can give is very welcome. RoyalHeart intend remaining a small organisation helping one of the most abused breeds of dogs on the planet.

RoyalHeart Greyhound Rescue is dedicated to HERO who sadly passed away on the 5th of April 2009.

Hero arrived at Rachel and Eddie’s as a foster dog in May 2005, he fitted in to the routine straight away and became a constant companion to their elderly greyhound, Maggie. In November 2005 Hero officially became part of the family when Rachel and Eddie decided he was staying for good. Sadly Maggie passed away in April 2008, she was much missed by all particulary her friend Hero.

Hero passed away suddenly on the 5th of April 2009, RoyalHeart Greyhound Rescue is Rachel and Eddie’s tribute to him, each and every dog rehomed by the organisation will be rehomed in his memory.